Prestige Parrot Food

Versele-Laga is a premium, complete food for all parrots. The seed mixture is specially tailored to meet the needs of all parrots to stay fit and healthy. The mix is made up of selected seeds, maize, peanuts, wheat, buck wheat, oats, safflower, rice, milo, pines, popcorn and pumpkin kernals.

Always remember to add fresh fruit and vegetables to your parrots diet.
Striped sunflower seeds 25%, white sunflower seeds 20%, plata maize 8%, peeled peanuts 7%, wheat 6%, buckwheat 5%, pointed oats 5%, peeled oats 5%, safflower 5%, paddy rice 4%, milo 4%, whole peanuts 2%, pine nuts 2%, popcorn 1%, pumpkin kernels 1%

High quality grains and seeds mixture
High quality seed mixture for parrots
Classical mixture with a lot of grains

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