Pet Animal Wash Foot Cup

The multi-layered and extra soft brush quickly, and gently remove dirt hidden in the paw nails, pads and from the lower leg leaving your dog with clean paws.
Paw cleaning plus grooming, you can take off the silicone lid as a single grooming brush.
Material: Silicone +PP
Color: Pink & Blue
How to use?
1.Pour a small amount of water into the claw plunger. Be careful not to pour too much water to prevent splashing.
2.Put the dog's feet in the cup and turn left and right to make the silica gel brush clean the paws thoroughly.
3.Dry your dog's paws. Use cotton towels. It's very comfortable and does not produce call us.
4. Pull out the lid, take out the brush, and pour out the dirty water. Clean products, let them dry until they are reused.
Package Included: 1 x Dog Paw Washing Cup

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