Bioline - Mink Oil Shampoo 250ml

-Mild and free of fragrances and colourants, this Bioline shampoo is a safe and effective solution for your pet's fur needs.
-Made with pure precious mink oil leaves the coat silky and shiny.
Gives the skin a silky sheen.
-Rich, oil based shampoo without colourants.Bioline Mink Oil Pet Shampoo is a mild pet shampoo with mink oil.
-It can be used for both dogs and cats. It is specifically made for pet owners who likes their pets to have a shiny and soft coat.
-The mink oil makes the coat of the pet soft and shiny.
-It neutralizes foul odours in pet coats and maintains a balanced pH level.
-It soothes irritated skin. It is antibacterial and it will kills fleas, tick and mosquitoes by contact.Bioline Mink Oil Pet Shampoo provides premium coat and skin treatment.
-It is safe to use for routine pet baths on puppies. It works on reducing shedding.
-It promotes a healthy skin and coat on your pet.

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