Anti - Flea Drops Cart

Anti-Flea Drops is the first used drug for anti-flea or louse on the body of pet in the world now. It uses only a few drops to the neck of the pet according to the dosage of this drug. It can kill the flea or louse about 98-100% on the body of the pet within 3-12hours. and efficiently maintain one month. Every two months once again it can kill the flea or louse thoroughly.

Don't bath pet within 6hrs after using anti-flea drops
Don't allow children to play with anti-flea drops
Don't use it on a young dog (less than 10 weeks old) or a young cat (less than 12 weeks old).

Poke the hair on the neck of your pet with your hand. Take out anti-flea drops, then according to dosage drop on the skin.

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